Your page description goes in here.JUDGING AT HOME & ABROAD

Chris judging Afghan hounds in Sweden. BOB Such, DKuch,FINuch Yhazin Drums of Africa
Chris judging in Australia BOB Tianze Power of Majic# # Your picture: 'A.H.C.Queensland 09 B.DOG & ResDOG.jpg' has been inserted here ##
Chris judging Irish Wolfhounds in Germany. BOB & BIS Winfried Von der Oelmuhle
Chris judging Irish Wolfhounds in Denmark. Best Veteran. DHCH NOCH INTCH Knallasens Hortensia
Chris Judging Afghans in Belgium. BOB Nightwind Power of Magic
Chris judging Afghans in Australia BOB Ch Karakush Irrestible U.
Chris judging Afghans in Australia BOS.
Chris judging Afghans at Driffield 2010 dog CC Genzancol Enrique
Chris judging the IWC Ch show 2011 BOB ch Rainster Rory Bitch CC Ch Caredig Delilah
Chris judging in Sweden 2014 BOB FI. UCH PENNYBRIGHT CORLEONE

CRUFTS 2014. CC. Istani Major Tom. RCC. DEU/VDH CH Nightwind Quanyum Jahera at Birkhall. BP. Istani Breaking Every Code


ITALY BOB. INT/IT/ SLO CH Way Up Enuff'z Enuff

AMERICA PUGET SOUND 2014 BOB. CH Windseeker Broker

Bath Ch Show 2015 CC & BOB Caredig Cariad. Dog CC Caredig Caradog. B Puppy Caredig Barbarian.